Hello Julie ! Can you tell us 3 things that we may not know about you?

Being a content creator on my @JulieSfi account is not my main activity: I have been an architect for 4 years now! Then I did a year of Erasmus in Milan , which may have contributed to my passion for fashion, who knows? And finally... I'm a vegetarian !

If you have to choose, rather fashion or architecture?

For me the two are linked ! The way I looked at architecture during my studies inevitably has a role to play in the way I look at fashion today. Between my interior and my dressing room, there are a lot of similarities!

How did your love affair with Balzac Paris come about?

I had already known Balzac Paris for a few years. I had already ordered little sweaters, things like that. Last August when I was offered the collab, I immediately said yes without thinking for a second! It was a great opportunity and even more so with Balzac Paris... I couldn't have asked for better!

If you had to describe Balzac Paris in 3 words?

I would say: very feminine, colorful and eco-responsible.

What if you had to describe the Balzac Paris x Julie Sfi collection in 3 words?

Solar, flowery and refreshing !

What were your inspirations for this collection?

My inspirations for this collaboration were simple: at first, I wanted colors ! I really like the combination of the pink print and the blue-green cotton gauze (a nod to the sea), the contrast between the two. Then, I wanted light and relaxed summer pieces, in which you feel good. But I also wanted femininity , with slits to release the legs for example. And we also needed some good basics of course!

What is your favorite piece of the collab?

I would say the long Sanaa dress (online June 27)! Because it's easy, it can be worn every day, in the evening, in summer... Well, all the time ! And she really has the "Julie Sfi" touch with this print. We spent a lot of time on it, especially with Marie-Camille (note: a stylist from Balzac Paris), we really looked for a print that best suits me , in tones, shapes, etc. 

And the piece that was most dear to your heart?

These are pajamas. It's an idea I had during the collab, let's say I have a bit of a passion for pajamas! I thought it would be really nice to include some in the collection, as Balzac Paris had launched into homewear a few months ago, it made sense. I particularly love the Gropius shirt and the Le Corbu shorts (online June 27) which are super comfortable and the color is perfect for summer.

And your must-have piece for the summer?

A swimsuit without hesitation! I love both models but maybe even more the Nouvel et Prouvé khaki two-piece set (online June 27) for long days at the beach...