"Finally !?" You will say! It's true, it took us a long time to set foot in the stirrup. But thinking about the best way to translate our DNA on the web deserved a long thought... And a lot of work! This part of the Journal, for example, is still under construction; ) A new responsive but also inventive site with new new sections such as: Vous en Balzac Paris or the Mood category… LB H1617_LF_9454 Its novelties come to enrich your wardrobe by bringing you all the desired comfort. We follow your moods as women more than ever to accompany you towards a future under the sign of a relaxed look where simplicity and freshness are the key words. "Softly rebellious, the Balzac Paris woman assumes her classic preppy look without ever neglecting the detail that changes everything"! * This (divine) collection arrives throughout the month to ensure fast delivery times, patience patience for Honoré, Lucien, Cécile, Madeleine, Elie, Léonie...: stay tuned! ** Your site is accessible on mobile and tablet! *** You must create an account to order / Your old account is no longer accessible **** Remember to look at the delivery times which may be different depending on the products. For two products with different dates, the shipment will be made within 10 working days. ***** Shipments are offered from 200 euros of purchase - Returns are offered by our Team ****** What does not change: We are here to help you: balzac-et-vous@balzac-paris.fr : ) Chrysoline x your Team Balzac Paris