Last weekend, thanks to Snapchat, you followed us to Avignon where Anouk - from the Customer Service Team - was spending the weekend. She returns to the play that marked her. This piece by the Belgian collective FC Bergman is a surprise in every way. The huge room where they perform is an identical reproduction of the Rubens room in the Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts currently under construction. Inspired by the place and its history (it had been seriously damaged during the Second World War), the troupe recounts completely silent scenes ranging from burlesque to melancholic, then to psychedelic. The pitch ? The curator of the museum realizes that the main work in the room (Rubens' Spear Blow ) is too big to pass through the door frames and be sheltered from who knows what. Then begins a hilarious series of crazier attempts to get her out. Passing visitors, often somewhat lost -perched , linger for reasons that escape us and participate in this complete rout.

Het land nod © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Little by little, the universe is morose then liberating with a dance that carries us, electrifies us (reminiscent of Bande à part by Godard). The piece flies towards a universe between sky and earth without losing sight of the chaotic situation of the curator revealing a machinery, a breathtaking scenography. The palette of emotions is vast, few seconds of this 1h15 performance will leave you indifferent.

In short, they will be in France in May 2017 at the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris, be patient! : )

Avignon in the middle of the Festival has a rather magical universe, I highly recommend it. See you soon !