Balzac Paris is a literary brand . W e have been celebrating our French authors for more than a year with embroidered t-shirts and sweatshirts. Jean-Paul & Simone , Alfred & George and many others are on the rise and you are making these great literary figures your fashion asset.

For this summer, we have decided to honor a couple whose first names smell of the south: Marcel & Jacqueline . Marcel called Jacqueline “ her little bit of poetry and tenderness ” and she would say of Marcel: “ how not to be madly in love with a man with crazy charm, constantly funny and with whom everything seems possible? ".

These few notes were enough to plunge us into the story of this couple madly in love. We thought of the fragrance that would best represent them. An olfactory pyramid was therefore born with coconut and fig as top notes. In Heart note Orange Blossom and White Flowers and in Base note Sandalwood and Amber. The whole gives a candle to the fig emblem of the Mediterranean basin.

The Marcel & Jacqueline literary candle Patience, it will be available mid - May and will be carefully packed in your Marcel & Jacqueline sailor tote bag. It is the beginning of a long series, since we want to interpret each of our literary couples who, strong in their passionate love stories, each have a perfume that represents them. Literary_candle_box I will not fail to let you discover our new arrivals available in May ! To do this , go to our Instagram and facebook accounts on which I look forward to discussing with you. Beautiful day! See you soon Chrysoline