encounter The virtual has for him that we can exchange without borders, make appointments easily and that we understand each other through yellow stickmen more commonly called smileys which set the tone for a conversation and define the mood of the day. Generation 2.0, or even 3.0, you melt in front of a 3310 telephone, a memory of your youth or even the minitel seems so has-been to you that it has become trendy. What if we cut off our cell phones? Promised not long, an hour or two… The time to exchange for real and to apprehend each other by meeting. We want to be close to our customers and how can we be more so than by making an appointment? Come discover behind the scenes of the brand but also tell it to you! I want to know everything: your profession, passions, desires and even why not invite me to your home or your place of worship in Paris so that you too can give us the keys to what creates your uniqueness. Joy Caught in my own trap, the first step will be done by email… Send me an email on balzac2011@gmail.com telling me, in a few lines, why you would like to meet the Balzac Paris team but also and above all who you are. I would take the time to read all your sweet words and select one of you to organize this first Balzac Paris meeting! So, what do you think ? We can even immortalize this meeting on Instagram, we promise... smile Kiss, Chrysoline