• Why this theme “Expires”?
Catherine : “Chrysoline gives us an idea, a situation, a word, a desire. Here through "Expire", it was a question of being responsible in the production of the collection from its conception while preserving the aesthetics . We then refined this idea by looking for a whole art of living, domains and news elements around this theme. The idea was therefore to start from the observation of the fashion industry as it currently is and to find ways to make it more responsible without losing aesthetics. The perfect example is that of the green corridor: an old railway line that has been sublimated by nature without losing its industrial essence. » Cécile : “For our collections, the question was the following: how can TPR sublimate what is not beautiful? We want to make responsible attractive and obvious. Let it be an integral part of everyday life like breathing, naturally without thinking about it. »
  • What does this collection embody?
Catherine : “This collection is the sublimation of the existing by creating an aesthetic and responsible product . This translates for example in the Christmas collection (still a little patience) by the use of glittery fabrics that we already had in stock in order to sell them and no longer buy iridescent fabrics. The accessories of the “La Petite Maroquinerie d'Exception” capsule (here too, a little more patience) are made from leather scraps from the biggest luxury brands. If we look in more detail, the white Olie sweater is made of polyester from beet sugar fermentation: this saves 60% greenhouse gases and 50% energy. We are proud to be innovative with these new materials. »
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  • What are the inspirations of the “Expire” collection?
Marie-Camille : “All our inspirations come together with the idea of ​​sublimating what already exists. First of all the Kintsugi : it is a Japanese technique which consists in repairing a broken object with golden glue. It gives him another way of life. Still in the Japanese inspirations, the Wabisabi . It is the art of restoring life to objects in an aesthetic way: sublimating waste, for example dried flowers. In this movement, people live pure and lead a simple and rudimentary life. The materials are raw. Maria : “Then the Furoshiki , also Japanese. It is a method to wrap gifts with fabric in a zero-waste approach, while keeping an aesthetic appearance. There's also Studio 5.5 , which is a kind of furniture hospital. We put a "prosthesis" which is not in the original style of the piece of furniture, and this creates a whole new unique and original object. »
Inspirations - Pinterest Credits
  • How is nature transcribed in the collection?
Cécile : “As with Inspire, we find nature in the flower and foliage prints, but with more vivid colors: red, purple, green. The cables on the knit represent plant motifs, for example the Adrien sweater features pea pods. In the accessories, certain leathers used are biodegradable, and several bags are vegetable tanned. »
  • If you had to describe the collection in 5 words?
Maria : " Sublimation , especially with the use of iridescent fabrics from stocks." Catherine : “ Comfortable. Warm . » Cécile : “ Cocooning . » Marie-Camille : “ Colourful , to break up the monochromy of winter. »
  • If you had to name an emblematic piece?
Cécile : “It would probably be the purple, red and green print : it's bright, perfect for November and “Expire” where you transmit all the stored energy. A real melting pot of color! » Catherine : “The thigh-high boots as well, because they add a very fashionable touch.” Marie-Camille : “And the Darius bag , which is the result of all these inspirations: we find the Balzac Paris codes, the “shinny” side with the golden chain and the practicality that goes to the essential. »
  • An anecdote to tell us?
Marie-Camille : “On this collection, we were very good students, it was created gently , after returning from the Christmas holidays. It was while building this collection that we came up with the idea of ​​the “midi bikini”: every week, one of us cooks for the others with a healthy dish. It's an economical solution, there's less waste, we share and we eat better. »