"Honey, would you mind helping me tie my bow tie?" Horror, you realize that you don't know how to tie the Grail either* The Grail is a mythical object from Arthurian legend, object of the quest of the Knights of the Round Table, a bow tie in other words . Your end-of-year party takes place in 20 minutes knowing that it was already taking place in 20 minutes 20 minutes ago, so it's unthinkable to look into the question. Your adorable man who serves as your husband, boyfriend, love and other darlings will therefore be a hideous one in the eyes of your collaborators who are all uncompromising on physical appearance (an unfortunate trend in the Fashion world). Charles, Victorien and myself could not leave you in trouble with this butterfly, which once tied promises you a rare elegance since the dress always flatters. Thus, your Balzac Paris bow tie, in addition to being made with love by Clémentine , will be sent to you with instructions explaining how to tie your pretty bow. Display this card on your wall with a piece of masking tape, not to mention them, not far from the dressing room of a gentleman adept at the elegance of the butterfly ... The elegance of the butterfly How to tie a bow tie Notice made in Balzac Paris sent with all your orders placed on the site . Chrysoline,