Authentic, soft, bright and warm, this will be Balzac Paris' Christmas in 2016! How about a different Christmas? Imagined in an ecological approach, Noël Balzac Paris is that of the true taste for the unique object, which tells a little more than a simple large-scale production. Like an object smuggler, your Christmas will be a clever mix of second-hand and fashionable creations with the right balance of chic, poetic and literary! We have lovingly picked up second-hand items that you can shop on our site during the holiday season. Mixing decoration and fashion by associating vintage and modern, this is the meaning of our new offer thanks to which you will be able to find and offer an old object! headband cup This responsible Christmas is an opportunity for us to anchor our civic and environmental approach in the image of a generation that loves beautiful things and beautiful materials as a reaction to their belonging to the “IKEA” generation. headband fan frame A result that we want to be poetic and free, all imagined around the Balzac Paris universe and mixed with our iconic and classic models for the fashion touch. It's up to you to discover this Balzac Paris Christmas and above all to imagine your 2016 Christmas: think about the preparations, strings of pretty packages, handful of happy faces or meals with friends, whatever! All that counts is the pleasure of the moment and the desire to do well and look good! lemon apple headband See you very soon ONLINE to discover this unique offer accompanied by our December novelties imagined in a very limited edition for a different Christmas: stay tuned! Your TEAM Balzac Paris,