Let's say that spontaneously I will opt for the first option. I was indeed part of this majority of people who snub Valentine's Day. Then the years went by, I thought it was nice to have the husband's attention… Not that you needed an excuse to have it, but knowing that he had gone to great lengths for this lovers' day is very pleasant. love So now belonging to the category of nerds, it is very freely and without complex, that I come to slip you a very appropriate gift idea for the said day. This gift ? Sweet illustrated kisses for Mr. and Mrs. 100% French, this kiss is delicately embroidered in our Parisian workshops. We call it the French kiss! An ethical gift far from mass production, soaked in tenderness. T-shirt kiss 2 The kiss must today be claimed and exhibited as the most precious of jewels! So, we say it in unison, long live love, long live Valentine's Day... Bisou t-shirt - Balzac Paris x Mathilde Cabanas - 5​0 euros for men and women Kiss, Chrysoline