Our blue family is growing! To launch the tempo of the beautiful days, new models of jeans, always more responsible come to supplement the existing score of Joe and Mattis. In this interview, the real conductors of this “Mélodie des Bleus”, tell us a little more about these long-awaited pieces. The floor is with Marie-Emmanuelle, our Collection Manager, Capucine Product Manager, and our Stylists Marie-Camille and Cécile. TPR jeans , what are they? Marie-Emmanuelle: TPR jeans are first and foremost jeans that are committed to respecting the planet and people thanks to their GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard ) label. It is also respectful of our customers because it is a jean that lasts and can be pampered for a long time! » Capucine: TPR jeans are also organic cotton jeans, therefore more respectful of biodiversity. It is also a laser-washed jean which limits the use of chemicals, water and energy. » What are the difficulties encountered when one wants to make responsible jeans? Capucine: “We attach great importance to working with manufacturers who convey our values ​​and our aspirations, but it is difficult to find partners who fully respect our quality and environmental requirements. So, we are looking a lot... Fortunately, these are subjects that affect more and more people and we see more and more partners rallying around our values. » What is special about these new jeans compared to the previous ones? Marie-Emmanuelle: We decided to remove the rivets to facilitate the recyclability of the jeans. » Marie-Camille & Cécile: For this new collection, we started from our essentials, by offering new colors with ecru versions for example and variations of our existing cuts. We also wanted to offer a new wide leg model: the Adriano. » How did you imagine and draw them? Marie-Camille & Cécile: We have decided to place our clients at the heart of the creative process. They participated in the imagination of new colors, new cuts... It's a real team work that we carried out with our community! » If you could only wear one pair of jeans, which would you choose? Marie-Emmanuelle: “The Adriano jeans! » Capucine: “The Austin jeans without hesitation! » Cécile: “The white Mattis, a great must-have! » Marie-Camille: “The white Adriano! » Any tips for accessorizing your jeans? Cécile: A beautiful vintage belt, the Faustin moccasins, and the Léonie little top, marshmallow colour, for a fresh and spring look. Marie-Camille: A scarf tied at the waist, lurex or leopard socks, colorful sneakers (Fedor) and a message t-shirt!