I hear them from here the faithful of Birkenstock who, with their heads held high, assumed criticism and other mockery concerning their sandals and advocated " good in my shoes " versus " I suffer in silence in my stilettos " ( Céline if you hear me ). At the time of the new summer 2014 collections, they must be laughing in their mustache to see the surging Birkenstock ascending sandals from Céline to Zara ... I myself fell for a khaki model a few years ago. I confess to having tried, in vain, to get my hands on it last summer to get ahead of the summer 2014 trend... But they had to slip away in a bag "to give away" and at the time it's the lucky one owner should be rubbing their hands. I like these shoes, their "don't care" look and I think they lose their charm by being worn by all the fashionistas. But I like the idea of ​​uninhibited fashion where the flat thumbs its nose at the heel, where you highlight the fact of being comfortable in your clothes. So I'm not immune to cracking and would like to know if the Birk is also appealing to you? God! I'm imagining a return of the Crocs: No NEVER! ( never say never )... dresssandalsilhouettesandalsandalsocksandalmanwoman