It is in the intimacy of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards that we invite you to meet on Thursday 3 May to meet the luminous Jessica Mulliez, a great lover of jewellery. Rich in her experience, she decided to give free rein to her imagination by creating the Poinçon 22 brand and modernizing a traditional piece of jewellery: the medallion. Loaded with symbols and emotions, the medal immortalizes strong moments and is passed down from generation to generation. Sharing the same values ​​and being attached to its universe, we imagined hand in hand with the Poinçon 22 brand the "Toujours" bracelet, both unique and precious. Come and chat with Jessica about her new adventure and discover our collaboration exclusively: Jessica, can you introduce yourself in a few words? "I am from Lille and have been living in Paris since 2010. I recently created Poinçon 22 , a brand of Parisian medallions in 18-carat gold and precious stones." How was your passion for jewelry born? "I think that jewelry has always attracted me, before I made it myself and I sold it in clearance sales or during private sales. When I was younger, my father often brought me atypical jewelry from his travels and I loved that they were so unique. When I started working for jewelry houses my passion evolved, I was immediately fascinated by the world of jewelry in its entirety: be it beauty of a gouache, the magic of the stones, the stories of the archives, the know-how of the craftsmen etc. I still can't get enough of it." Can you tell us the story of Poinçon 22? "The idea was to rethink the medal to make it more contemporary and desirable. This jeweler's emblem since Roman antiquity is the piece of jewelry for a woman, a birth, a baptism or a wedding. I design all the models and their motifs before jewelers selected for their know-how make them in 18-carat gold. Most of the Poinçon 22 medallions are customizable, each one creating their own piece of jewelery and their story. Loaded with symbols and emotions, they immortalize the strong moments and passed down from generation to generation." How did you get started on this lovely entrepreneurial adventure? "I didn't think I would launch my brand one day, because I loved my job and I didn't have the call of entrepreneurship. All this happened during a fairly long sick leave, or to occupy my mind. I thought about an idea. I was quickly cheered and motivated by a friend who was also working on her own project. When I returned to work, I was no longer in line with my company's expectations of the time, and I needed a change of scenery to rebuild myself. I matured the idea for a little while before deciding, probably too much not to want to try. Some dream of getting started but the great adventure can be scary, what are your tips for taking the plunge? "Entrepreneurship is a daily dose of excitement and fear. To take the plunge, I think you have to have an idea validated by those around you, know how to want to lead your debut, and be ready to step out of your comfort zone. . That's when I dared to take the plunge!" Where do you find your inspiration? "I am often inspired by art, old jewellery, feminine and elegant icons… But in the end I do not work with precise sources of inspiration but rather at the heart, by discussing… Ideas often come to me when I'm not at work." What are your must-haves or latest favourites? - A book: " The saga of the Prodigious Friend" - An artist: " Antoine Rose" - A person: " My husband" - An outfit: " My easy and favorite outfit: jeans, a shirt, boots or sneakers if I have to walk and medals!" - A place : " The sea" To participate in this meeting, we invite you to register directly here . Ideal gift for Mother's Day, our Balzac Paris x Poinçon 22 "Toujours" bracelet may give you the chance to win a nice mother-daughter surprise... see you on May 6th! See the contest rules here