1 2 3 SUN ! We invite you to dive back into your photo albums to relive your family vacation. A look back at the summers that marked your childhood!


1 – Choose your photos.


At Balzac Paris, we love going back in time...

We therefore expect photos with vintage accents.

To each his clan

You can send us photos of you but also of your clan: your family and your friends. The outfits of our childhood and the elegance of our mothers and grandmothers set the tone for our collections for a revisited vintage.

Exactly under the sun

These photos will be a source of inspiration for the next spring summer collection.

Your selection must therefore smell of the holidays!

2 – Send us your selection to123soleil@balzac-paris.fr along with your email with the following information:

The story

We are curious to know the anecdote behind each photo in order to be inspired by it.

Your contact details: surname, first name and date of birth

This information allows us to prove that you are the person who sent us the photos.

Your authorization

To give us permission to share your photos with the Balzac Paris community, don't forget to copy and paste the following sentence into your email:

"I assign my copyright and the image rights relating to each photograph that I send to Balzac Paris as part of this participation, in accordance with the assignment of rights."

For more information, you will find the rules HERE .