Hello Maria ! Can you explain the concept of “TPR Chutes” to us? 

Everything is in the title ! It is a collection that we imagined from fabric scraps in a TPR (Always More Responsible) approach of zero waste. This is not the first edition: we have been producing Chutes TPR collections since 2016! 

Why can we speak of “Reverse Mode”? 

Because we started from the existing : instead of imagining a garment, drawing its pattern and looking for its fabric, we did the complete opposite! We recovered 50 rolls of dormant fabric stocks , we brought out the patterns of our "favorites" of the season, and we looked for how to combine them to create new summery and desirable models! Did you love our Galéane dress ? It's back in a brand new print! Do you only slip into our Paolo pants ? It's back in a brand new colorway! 

Where do these fabric scraps come from?

Most of these scraps come from old Balzac Paris collections. In our TPR (Always More Responsible) approach, we try to avoid having over-stocked pieces and we have always offered collections in reasoned quantities. But when we buy a fabric, suppliers sometimes ask for a minimum quantity and we therefore sometimes have a little stock left! So we quickly thought about doing something about it. 

In this collection, we also recovered a fabric that was dormant at our manufacturer and that we found very summery (green gingham). Otherwise, we mainly recovered cottons with different wefts: cotton gauze, cotton poplin, but also twill. 

What are the iconic models that have been declined in these fabrics?

We have used the patterns of certain iconic ones at Balzac Paris : for example, the Milarose dress , the Galéane dress , the Taline jumpsuit , the Léonie blouse , the Pavla skirt , the Thaïs skirt , the Max top , the Paolo pants , or even the Claodia dress. And many others !

And what about what's new?

You can discover our removable Claudine collars ! Sometimes our fabric scraps are minimal: there may be only 4 meters left! It would be too bad to throw them away: we have also chosen to upgrade them through smaller pieces : our favorites and our brand new collars. 

Even if it's a real novelty in the locker room, once again, we have chosen to work with an existing patronage. We therefore took over the pattern of our Gian shirt whose collar is emblematic of Balzac Paris. Moreover, the great passes are now 100% part of our DNA! 

These removable collars also have a TPR symbolism beyond their production: it's the idea that we can twist all our t-shirts, blouses, sweaters or sweatshirts with them as we please, and make them live a thousand lives!