LONDONISCALLING Marie-Camille takes to their heels during the holidays: direction London. She does not forget her Balzac Paris selection for her and her loved ones ! She fills her bag with soft sweaters , pretty blouses and other timeless classic literary t-shirts. Not crazy , the wasp Marie-Camille offered herself the perfect Balzac Paris outfit for her stay in London and amaze the Brit ishs in a FRENCHSTYLE spirit

Oedipe sweater ( for her ) a gift before its time since Marie-Camille has already adopted the so-called favorite sweater!

Blouse Anne Marie-Camille has set her sights on Anne. Elegant and refined, under her classic airs, Anne hides her game well with her ruffles. She recommends wearing this one with jeans and a pair of trainers.

Literary t-shirt no, your literary t-shirt is not yet another message t-shirt! Subtle, intellectual/boho and delicately embroidered , it is an early classic at Balzac Paris.

Gray Jean Voltaire ( for her ) Marie-Camille has a knack for finding the room in which comfort and style reign supreme.

Théophile gris we only wish one thing to our loved ones during this holiday season: to curl up in cozy clothes for a pampering operation at the right time. Théophile fulfilled this mission brilliantly!

Literary Christmas

On these few notes I say to you: See you soon, darling!