Gabrielle Paris pop-up Gabrielle Chanel said: " Simplicity as the key to elegance ", this reflects the whole universe of Gabrielle Paris, the second guest of our Literary Café! Refined creations, inspired by the family and designed for it, for a French interior. A universe close to ours that we wanted to share with you for a weekend. We discover a little more about Julie, creator of the brand, who answered our questions… The habit does not make the monk but... “… but it only takes a little to stand out; )” Your chic icon “Gabrielle Chanel of course! But also Vanessa Paradis for her rock chic, Inès de la Fressange for her timeless chic or Julia Roberts for her naturalness. » What do you like about the sweetness of Christmas? “The moments shared with my family, the wonderment of my children, the festive tables, the wood fire, the little slippers by the fireplace and the champagne of course; )” An object “A suitcase to go on a trip! » A book “I don't have much time to read (apart from my Elle every week!). My latest favorite "The Supremes" by Edward Kelsey Moore, a story of friendship between 3 women, words that resonated in me. » A quote “I have decided to be happy because it is good for your health” - Voltaire "Dream your life in color, it's the secret of happiness" - Peter Pan Gabrielle Paris x Balzac Paris in a few words? "Strong emotional ties... a lot of love... a family story... All while sharing a taste for beautiful, timeless and chic things; )” All the info: His shop - Facebook unspecified