Back from vacation, need to rediscover the flavors of the sun and the sea? Follow us ! Team Balzac Paris has tested it for you and it's happening at 11 rue des Martyrs. Pelops Keramica is a Greek caterer offering an incredible selection of fresh products, each tastier than the next. IMG_3544a Traditional, authentic and family atmosphere, the Team has fallen for their classics: Greek salad, moussaka or meatballs or vegetarian. Also taste all their appetizer specialties (our favourites: tarama salmon dill & crushed dried tomatoes), a delight! For the Team, this is a great address to pick up fresh and healthy things for lunch or for aperitifs after leaving the office;) Know that they can also offer a catering service.
This caterer will take you to Greece for a total change of scenery, don't hesitate to stop by!
IMG_3556a Pelops Keramica - 11 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9th, Tel. 01 42 81 55 42 Two other shops in Paris: 5 rue Daguerre, Paris 14th, Tel. 01 43 20 59 84 & 44 rue des Abbesses, Paris 18th, Tel. 01 53 28 26 69.