For a sharp and personalized style, we like to mix colors and play on the superposition of materials. We tame stripes, polka dots, patterns of all kinds to create unique and well thought-out combinations. And if this time, we played on the volumes? Exit the fitted pieces, we dare the loose cut and the game of proportions to create a perfectly deconstructed outfit.

The loose fit, giving character to your style

We get out of the traditional basics and choose a piece with a loose cut whose volume is voluntarily larger than its original shape. These garments are designed to be worn loosely, lengthwise or widthwise. Knitwear, jacket, trousers, waistcoat, sweatshirt, coat; all pieces are likely to be worn “oversize”. The loose cut is above all about playing on contrasts. With a loose top, go for a more fitted bottom like slim jeans or a pretty skirt. Under an oversized coat, we choose a fitted dress and heels to balance the volumes. Alternately modern, casual, vintage, minimalist, retro; the variations of styles are rich and varied. With a loose sweatshirt worn over raw jeans and sneakers, we create a modern and casual look. Wide pants combined with a fitted top or a bare back; we give a “nineties” touch to the outfit. We choose a long petticoat in tulle or lace with an XL mesh that we will accessorize with a pretty pair of heels for a chic and romantic look.

Break the rules and play with the classics

We have fun with style rules to create an outfit that looks like us, both sharp and comfortable. The loose cut leaves a certain freedom of movement much appreciated and brings a feminine masculine style. So, we are thinking of feminizing the silhouette and twisting this boyish side. We associate an oversized top with a pencil skirt; a loose cardigan with an openwork cuff and we delicately reveal the skin to keep this feminine side that we love so much. For a more dressed up style, we circumvent the casualness of the outfit with a tailored collar which will bring a little retro touch or we associate an oversized coat with a modern blouse with a colorful print. The loose cut has the advantage of being suitable for all body types provided that the volumes are adapted to the silhouette. Smaller women will prefer shorter pieces and will tend more towards more fitted cuts, while rather tall women will prefer to wear loose pants and long dresses. The key to a successful outfit is in the right mix of proportions; in other words, the outfit will work as long as you know how to balance your figure. Finally, wearing oversized clothes means taking responsibility for your choices. No half measures: we claim the association of our pieces with confidence!