The mild summer gradually gave way to cool winter days. We put away our floral blouses with fluid materials to which we prefer warm and fluffy sweaters. The drop in temperatures implies adapting our outfits; it is therefore the perfect opportunity to take a tour of our wardrobe and adopt the essential accessories of this winter season 2017-2018: shoes.

Each day has its own outfit and each outfit has its own pair of shoes! Boots, loafers, sneakers, Chelsea Boots, Babies; this year, we are going to melt with happiness in front of the stylish trends that the creators have concocted for us.

Models of winter shoes 2017-2018

Its reputation precedes it, it divides as much as it seduces, yet the pair of boots confirms its return this winter. We opt for black or its derivative colors such as anthracite gray or navy blue which go perfectly with slim jeans and an oversized sweater or a pretty short dress. Boots and ankle boots remain the essential accessories to count in our closets. Whether you prefer bright colors or more natural shades, they accompany our outfits with elegance and prove to be our allies in the face of the cold. Prized for its modern and discreet charm, the Chelsea Boot – less classic than its big sisters – accessorizes slender calves very well. Iridescent, decorated with patterns, or even made from velvet, sneakers remain a must-have for this winter. Comfortable, practical and aesthetic, their streetwear design goes well with many outfits.

With or without a heel, it's up to you, but beware; whatever your favorite pair, we think of the balance of the pieces!

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Materials for winter 2017-2018 shoes

This winter, we adapt the material of the shoe to the style of clothing. We prefer suede or a beautiful soft leather with a matte appearance for the choice of boots, for example. The timeless shoe is velvet; with its finesse and refined look, it goes perfectly with a chic and refined style. Leather is a natural choice: sober and elegant, it adapts easily to the outfits that punctuate our daily lives. Armed with a magnificent pair of leather boots, we no longer fear the sometimes capricious weather conditions at the start of the year.

Discover without delay the trends for winter 2017-2018: sober, beaded, sequined; the stylists competed in creativity to make you experience an enchanted winter!