Lemon yellow, buttercup yellow, pastel yellow, chick yellow! The yellow shines, sparkles. It wraps us in joy and good humor, like the sun's rays on long summer evenings. This spring, we wear yellow without moderation, to shine without limit!

Yellow Therapy pieces: Nolan cardigan , Bree T-shirt , Gloria pants (available Sunday) , Bermuda bag (available Sunday), Scenario sandals ( available Sunday) .

Want to escape, we have the solution : whether king, azure, night or navy, this spring, a wave of blue is sweeping over our collections! Blue soothes us and transports us elsewhere , and brings a little serenity to a world in constant whirlwind!

Bleu Thérapie pieces: Liséa barrette , Chérie jumpsuit (available on Sunday), Piano bag (available very soon), Albane sandals.

" Would you mind having some more Rosé?" A questioning that could not be more spring-like! This season, we're daring with regressive pastel pink, striking fushia pink, dynamite candy pink, and even why not all three at the same time! We can never do too much to see life in pink.

Rose Thérapie pieces: Bobine sandals , Balzac Paris T-shirt (available Sunday), Paolo trousers , Bermuda bag (available Sunday).

Because more than ever, this spring will be TPR (Always More Responsible), green will of course be part of it! Green embodies our vision of tomorrow: this color will bring you hope, chance and always more naturalness ! So don't wait any longer for the green light, and go green.

Vert Thérapie pieces: Manoa jacket ( available Sunday),Bree T-shirt , Sally skirt (available Sunday), François bag , Fédor sneakers .

An orange starts to run and meets a lemon which says to it: Well then, are you in a hurry? » Our advice for spring: rush to wear this dynamic and radiant color that will take you to surpass yourself!

Orange Thérapie pieces: Banana Tillie , Histoire Cardigan , Jean Mattis , Sandals Myriam .

Change the world, change things, with bouquets of roses! This spring, we are addicted to the infinite power of flowers . Because they radiate, because they perfume, they dot our ever more spring-like looks!

The Fleurs Thérapie pieces: Scène earrings , Flamboyant shirt (available on Sunday), Ellios jeans , Elisandre sandals (available on Sunday), César bag.