Here is the phrase most pronounced by our Moroccan friends during our stay with Victorien: " Are you French? Welcome" . We were conquered by Marrakech and its inhabitants, my last visit dated from 2005 and I had the pleasure to see that the city had still evolved but that its souks and other mint teas, which make the charm of the city, are intact! We wandered on foot in the city without forgetting to get lost and to hail a taxi for the pleasure of negotiating: " my friend" ... I remembered the Majorelle garden , an essential visit to the city for its colors, its calm and its cacti but I didn't have in mind the palaces that we discovered during our stay and really liked. I even have to admit that I prefer them to the Majorelle gardens which, given the surname oblige, have increased the price of the visit which doesn't deserve so much. So do not miss to visit the El Badii Palace and the Bahia Palace and take your lunch break at Kosybar not far from these two palaces. To continue in this culture-jam perspective, I advise you not to miss the Menara gardens ( to be avoided on Sundays ). It is one of the quietest places in Marrakech and many people go there to find peace and quiet. edge of the basin fed by the waters of the mountain that can be admired on the horizon. Marrakech also delighted us with its many flavors! Couscous lovers, it seems to me that the Foundouk is not to be missed. We also discovered two restaurants that deserve our heart, everything is there: the decoration, the service, the flavors, the setting... So don't miss Le jardin and the Terrasse des épices ! Go to the Hôtel des Deux tours in the palm grove for lunch or a drink, you will be seduced by the setting, the impeccable service and the swimming pool at 30°... Be sure not to forget your bathing suit even in February Marrakech has surprises in store ( I know what I'm talking about ). For the evening too, I have a few good addresses to share with you, in particular one that enchanted us: the Jad Mahal . Its typical atmosphere, its dancers and dancers have a lot to do with it and guarantee you a very good evening with your "Gazou" NB: The prices are quite high. In good French that we are after having visited the Hôtel du Roi, we went to La table du marché : no comment... The couscous did not get the better of us and the desserts are a killer. If I can give you any advice to end your stay with dignity, it's to go to Les Bains de Marrakech with friends, you'll have no trouble convincing your girlfriends... The gazou remains more difficult to hang around... Talk to him the one-hour relaxing massage you heard about on the Balzac Paris blog: tested and approved by Victorien, I'm sure he'll let himself be guided! zoom I hope I have made you want to go to Marrakech for the good mood of its inhabitants, their taste for colors, their humor about our president... Or hear them say "Sarkozzzzzzzzyyyyyy" instead of "wiiiistitttttiiii" when you photograph them . You will have understood that we are under the spell, in a word: GO FOR IT! Chrysoline,