On the occasion of Mother's Day, we invite you with Milk magazine and La Guinguette d'Angèle accompanied by your dear little ones to a morning in complete privacy, in the garden of sweet Angèle. On the program: visit to the vegetable garden, a 100% healthy and tasty snack of which Angèle has the secret, and discovery of the new Balzac Paris collection.

We invite you to dive into the world of Angèle Ferreux-Maeght who tells you more in this exclusive interview:
- Angèle, can you introduce yourself in a few words? I am Angèle Ferreux Maeght, I am a chef and naturopath, I created La guinguette d'Angèle , small organic and gluten-free restaurants, as well as a catering service. I write cookbooks too! ("Deliciously Green" and "The Beneficial Foods", Marabout editions)
- How did your passion for cooking come about? I couldn't remember.. even when I was little, I was crazy about food! all kinds... spices, fish, weird stuff...
- Can you tell us the story of “La Guinguette d'Angèle”? My great-grandmothers already had guinguettes, I always cooked, and when I made it my job, the idea of ​​this name in their memory came naturally to me. I first started leading detox courses for 7 years, at the same time as my naturopathic studies. Then, thanks to the fashion world which welcomed me with open arms, I developed my small catering service, restaurants etc... Everything came very naturally!

- Is eating healthy a priority? Rather lucky! the priority is the conscience according to me. if we think a little better about our way of consuming, cooking, eating... we've already won! I do not have an extremist discourse, I do not think that eating healthy should be a priority, nor a reason to feel guilty. I think that in certain situations, you have to let go and enjoy the moment to the full. Eating has a real social role. When I am invited, I honor my host's cuisine whatever it is, but it is obviously possible to combine healthy food and conviviality, especially when you receive!
- Do you have any tips for eating good and well when you're in a hurry or don't know how to cook? I really like to make salads in jars, I start by putting the sauce, an easy base (lentils, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, chickpeas .. ) then I make layers of vegetables, starting with those that stand better: grated carrot, cucumber, artichoke, peas, broccoli, apples etc. and ending for the most fragile (germinated seeds, spinach shoots, aromatic herbs... I take it in my bag with a fork, and before eat it, I shake it like a cocktail!
- Salty or sweet? Sule or Sacred! A cookie straight out of the oven with a pinch of fleur de sel, or a shiitake/kale wok with a drizzle of maple syrup…
- Your recipes are as delicious as they are pretty, where do you draw your inspiration from? Particularly in my travels and in nature, the seasons offer us magnificent paintings! just tap into the prettiest colors, the most beautiful shapes, the result is always brilliant!
- Has your way of consuming evolved since you started paying attention to "eating well"? Of course ! it's a virtuous circle! When you do good to your body, you are necessarily aware of the well-being of the planet. We are intimately connected, so our life choices flow from it.

- A book ? “Les Adonides”, an illustrated book from 1975 whose texts are by Jacques Prévert, and the engravings by Miro… a masterpiece. Or else... "The Red and the Black" or even... "Tintin"!
- An artist? George Braque, his landscapes of the south make me travel, his doves make me dream, and above all... above all, the basin he made in mosaic in the foundation of my great grandfather (Maeght Foundation) we bathed there with my brothers when the doors closed to the public.
- A person ? Since we are in art (and I just had lunch with him..) AkiKuroda; Japanese painter who paints planets full of life, poetic poppies... - An outfit? A 50s floral dress, a straw bag, a pair of hoop earrings (or cherries if it's the season!) and bare feet!
- A place? The botanical garden ("Jardim Botanico") of Rio in Brazil... the huge trees, the monkeys, the sloths, the peacocks, the smell of exotic flowers... when I'm cycling in Paris, it's cold and my tip of the nose is frozen, I imagine myself being there.. a dream this place!
- And finally, plans on the comet? Yes ! a new book with Alain Ducasse and his chef from the Plazza Athénée: Romain Meder, on plant festivals which will be released at the start of the school year, a TV program in progress, and my delicatessen soon! To meet Angèle and participate in this morning of May 26, come and register for the contest here , 5 big winners will have the chance to be contacted.