Graphic, feminine & contemporary, we present to you Amelia! Amelia is multifaceted, both gentle and full of character. She draws her inspiration from the heart of literary Paris, that of the early 20th century, and from a contemporary universe, in tune with the times. Amelia (comics) Maria Rosa, accessories designer at Balzac Paris tells us about this shoe : "We don't want to lose the heritage of the Parisian style and want to find the right balance, so that our products feel a bit retro, chic, refined and fit in with the times” . This is an integral part of the Balzac Paris DNA. It was therefore designed around the lines of our pretty Madeleine, it wanted to be a bit softer and more classic. Find a play of materials, in a tone-on-tone colour, where smooth leather and suede goatskin bring subtlety and relief to the model. We wanted a proposal that fits into a classic, fashionable and timeless wardrobe. They have been designed to be stable and comfortable for strolling through the streets of Paris. Its stability is also ensured by an ankle strap that signs the model in a playful and feminine way. Amelia adapts to a wide range of outfits. They can be worn with a pretty dress in a sophisticated way as well as with jeans and a sober t-shirt, to give a twist to a neutral or even boyish outfit. Why the name Amelia? Amelia is a first name that represents sweetness and character. We wanted to combine these two characteristics to match the Balzac Paris DNA. From the drawings of this model, we imagined the girl who could wear them: feminine, sweet but with a small strong character. This is how we referred to the author Amelia Rosselli, a poet born in Paris, who spent part of her life in Rome. His poems are at once nostalgic, sweet and expressive. This first name was a beautiful reflection of what we wanted for this pair of shoes. Beautiful walks; )