Spring, its sun, its flowers and all the opportunities to jump in its bare feet never ceases to enchant you. A turn on the weather channel, which without getting too wet, announces on May 27: " a few clouds not altering the good weather" . The weather being the favorite subject of the French, I doubt that this information will fall on deaf ears and I thus assure your enthusiasm to show up at said Boom! If the good weather is one of your favorite subjects, allow me to go from cock to donkey, to give you the favorite gift, not of the French, but of women. So, I give you a thousand, it's flowers!

To satisfy you, we did not hesitate to call on our favorites in this area , I named BLOOMS. An explosive concept, Blooms are seasonal flowers picked in accordance with the flowering cycles in order to offer you a new choice each month. For which, "you click, we pick": your flowers are thus delivered directly to your home, without a storage step, in order to guarantee you optimal freshness and longevity.

Still words still words? The best way to believe it is to test! This is why the two charming boys behind the project will be present at our BOUM for a floral workshop from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. during which you will have the joy of creating your bouquet with flowers as beautiful as the 100% French peony.

peony In the meantime, be sure to take part in our Balzac Paris x Blooms contest . Beautiful day! Chrysoline,