We are varnished, in the 10th, the restaurants are not lacking, the choice is wide and the discovery very often joyful. Paradise , it was Deedee who led me there ( I talk about it here ). Warm welcome: and HOP, a good point for this fresh team of two months. Let's see what happens next, I've always been told not to trust appearances. Our waitress is charming, she finds us a place despite the fact that we haven't reserved... It's time to choose our dishes, everything seems good and appetizing and the choice is not too big: a chance for us. eternally indecisive that I am ( my trick: always choose last ). I opt for a fish, Marie and Jade will have a risotto: promise kept, the dish is as good as it is well described on the menu. I'm enjoying it and HOP, two good points for Le Paradis... Well, we're being talked to in the kitchen: the chef wants to offer us a dessert ( damn, will I have enough good points in my bag? ) We accept with pleasure and opt for the warm pineapple and ginger French toast ( I see you licking your chops )! We want to kiss the chef for this explosion of flavors. The dinner ends in a good mood with the boss who comes to greet us to find out if: " everything is going well, ladies?" ... So I invite you to push the door of Paradise for a pleasant moment with friends or with Jules who owes you that to invite you to the restaurant: he forgot Valentine's Day the naughty! Paradise 14 rue de Paradis 75010 Paris Metro: Château d'Eau, Gare de l'Est From Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. 01 45 23 57 98 www.restaurant-paradis.com