Gwen is my sister, Charles is Capucine's lover my other sister, Victorien is my husband and Clémentine, our seamstress, is my sister too... Or how can I tell you that Balzac Paris is a story of family in which everyone brings a bit of their personality, enthusiasm and energy. This is how Gwen, my little sister, will lend me a hand during the arrival of my mini. As at Balzac Paris we tell you everything, I thought you would be happy to know more about his cheerful person: Gwen in Nana skirtNana Skirt

Gwen is wearing the Nana Balzac Paris skirt

So Gwen, in a few words or even a few lines, can you tell us more about yourself?

I am Gwendoline, I am 25 years old. Originally from Lille, I have been a Parisian by adoption for 3 years. 3 years that I devoted to one of my passions, digital, working for different ready-to-wear brands. I would define myself as a trendsetter, whether in fashion, decoration or food! Avid for novelties, I like pretty encounters and discoveries! Generation Y, I assume my "Geek" side and can spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest discovering new universes. I am also very sensitive to art.

Gwen's ApartmentGwen's ApartmentGwen's Apartment

How do you define Balzac Paris?

I define Balzac Paris as a wardrobe made up of timeless essentials: both chic and comfortable, day and night, in basic colors and exclusive prints. A brand keen to offer know-how and quality products that meet the very chic “made in France” label.

Your style is well defined, a bit sharp you feel eager for novelties and trends. How do you describe it?

I'm dressed in odds and ends found right to left. I can very well wear pants at 9.90€ unearthed at H&M with a knit bought in a thrift store and a designer jacket. In fact maybe my style is not "one" style in particular but rather a mixture of all styles… I work from the heart. Sometimes I have real obsessions and until I find the perfect piece, that's all I think about! I like shifting styles, surprising with a piece, a color, twisting a basic. In my opinion, fashion is a game that should never be taken seriously!

crazy about sneakerscrazy about sneakersgwen likes

In mode what do you think always works?

Back To Basic: Jeans (I like those from Acne), boyish shirts, white t-shirts and good old sneakers. I like to be comfortable in my clothes. I can't bear to feel disguised. I think clothes should reflect our personality.

Gwen in The Flowers of Evil sweatshirtGwen in The Flowers of Evil sweatshirt

Gwen is wearing our Les Fleurs du mal sweatshirt in heather blue

Lille at heart, Parisian by adoption! Give us two must-see spots in these two cities?

The choice is difficult because 1000 cool spots come to mind. In Paris, for dinner: "la buvette gastrothèque" in the 9th arrondissement. With Grego* (her lover), it's kind of become our canteen. We love going there to chat, have an aperitif and taste their delicious small plates. The second must-see spot in the capital, in my opinion, is the MERCI concept store! Beautiful, good and good ... I could stroll there for hours.

In Lille, I like to go to Gare St Sauveur. An old disused train station where you can go to party, have a drink, go see an exhibition, listen to a concert... There is always something going on at the St So train station! For my second spot I would tend to say: at home, with the sisters, with friends. I like to go back to Lille to take a break from the Parisian bustle and get back to basics.

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Can't you resist...?

A mega cheese platter accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

I'm going to need good books, what do you advise me to read imperatively?

This summer I went to Croatia for a week. I loved my trip and I think the book the "chorus of women" contributed to my happiness. A funny book, full of emotions and a lot of humanity!

focus bookmirrors

Finally, what is your leitmotif?

Feet on the ground, head in the stars.

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Thank you Gwen***